A brief biography of Barney Oliver appeared in the December 1942 issue of Bell Laboratories Record:
If your piano needs tuning, just take Bernard Oliver home with you; right after cocktails he'll have it apart, take the slack out of its wires, and put it back together before dinner time. Still a Californian at heart, he refuses to own an overcoat, and puts up the top of his car only when his passengers coerce him. He holds a Ph.D. degree from Caltech, and yet is known as "Barney" by his associates in the erstwhile Television Research group. They say he is an exceptionally quick thinker and a wizard with vacuum tube circuits but never impatient when someone asks for help on a difficult problem.

Mr. Oliver's first important project was a sweep circuit for cathode ray receiving tubes. The motion of the point of light must be absolutely linear with respect to time in both directions of the sweep. Acting entirely on his own initiative he investigated the various physical conditions necessary tp secure that result and developed magnet coils, amplifiers, and distortion correcting networks which operated successfully. Within the last year or so Mr. Oliver has been engaged on government work.

To complete the picture, Barney is single, lives in the Village, has one degree from Stanford and two from Caltech; attended the Technische Hochschule in Darmstadt for a year; is interested in music and the drama when time permits.